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Tabletop Games

Welcome to the 🎲 Tabletop Games 🎲 section! Here you’ll find a brief display of some of the many tabletop games I created so far. Enjoy a wide array of gamebooks, tabletop RPGs, and many other games you can play with your friends!

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Featured Tabletop Games

Ordeal of the Magic Tower

The magic tower awaits! Four young wizards-in-training. One impossibly difficult task: move through the six ever-changing levels of the Magic Tower in Sphilix’s Sorcery School, master your cantrips, and craft your magic wand! Will you become a full-fledged mage, or succumb to the dangers that the Archmages have in store for you? There is only one way to know… accept the challenge, and survive the Ordeal of the Magic Tower! This is a procedural adventure for apprentices. You will play four characters, either Apprentices (wizards in training) or Henchmen (bodyguards for the apprentices). At the end of the adventure, the wizards-in-training who will survive the Ordeal will be full-fledged first-level wizards and will have an edge over standard first-level wizards. The book contains rules for 12 Cantrips (zero-level spells). Only the core Four Against Darkness rules are required to play.

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Available for SAVAGE WORLDS, Entropic Game System, and its unique game system.

The Olympians have spoken and you are to join the ranks of heroes and heroines involved in the Heavenly Contest! The Olympian deities are in a race to find the successor to Zeus’s throne, with the successor acquiring the greatest number of followers. But the gods and goddesses are quite busy, and to shine their light upon the mortals of Hellas requires the intervention of a divine scale. Heroic deeds are a must if one is to prove themselves worthy for the gratification of Olympus and the pursuit of seeing their patron deity rise to rulership! Are you strong, brave, and smart enough for the challenge? We will see how you fair against the great beasts of Hellas and the heroes and heroines who support your rival deity. This is the Heavenly Contest. This is Mythos!

In Mythos, you assume the role of a demigod or devoted human of the gods and goddesses of Olympus in a heroic mythological representation of Ancient Greece. Heroes and heroines join in the Heavenly Contest to prove their worth to the deities and spread the word of their patron deity to the mortals of Hellas, in hopes of raising their patron deity to the Olympus throne. Heroes and heroines come from all walks of life, representing their patron deity as adventurers, fighters, hoplites, Olympic athletes, courtesans, sages, and rogues. Through affiliations with deific cults and Mystery Cults, they gain access to great powers and follow the strands of Fate as they travel Hellas in search of their next, grand performance.

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OLYMPUS, inc. – the Olympunk RPG

Available for SAVAGE WORLDS system.

Unlike most settings that have tackled the concept of demigods in the modern world, we are a bit different. Olympus, Inc answers the question of what would happen if the Olympians were kicked out of the heavens by Gaia and the Titans ruled instead

After she ejected them from the heavens, Gaia was also kind enough to use the Lethe River to cause all humans to forget that the Olympians existed. This nearly killed the Olympians, who began to fade away. However, the Olympians realized that they could draw from our obsession with the almighty dollar and gain power. Therefore, the Olympians traded their stone temples for towers of glass and steel. They formed the world’s largest corporations. Now the Titans and Olympians fight a battle for control of the Heavens and Earth with each wielding incredible power. In the midst of all of this are normal humans who are asleep to everything that is around them.

Gaia has put a few rules in place to ensure that the Titans and Olympians don’t tear each other apart as well as the rest of the inhabitants on Earth. This safeguard is known as the Nemesis Effect. The Nemesis Effect prohibits the use of visible supernatural abilities in front of sleepers (normal mortals). It also prohibits mythical creatures from appearing in front of a sleeper in their true form. If anyone breaks the rules, the Goddess Nemesis punishes them. It can be anything from being wracked with intense pain to death. It really depends on the severity of the infraction. 

Therefore, the Titans and Olympians fight a secret proxy war in a world identical to our own. However, most humans don’t know that the gods exist and they certainly don’t know that monsters and demigods with superhuman abilities roam the earth.

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Rockopolis RPG

There’s a staircase facing the party.
A few steps ahead, a mighty roar that would frighten even the bravest. Is it dread what you feel?
No, it’s adrenaline. You’re ready to take on whatever awaits you.
You climb the stairs and you’re on stage. Your instruments are ready, the crowd is growling.

Rockopolis RPG (Rock Playing Gods) is an awesome role-playing game where the stage will be your dungeon.

You will face rival bands instead of goblins and trolls. Your instruments, voice, and stage appearance will be your weapons.
Your spells? Your ROCK songs!

Rockopolis RPG has a unique system, created by Andrea Sbragia and Gilbert Gallo, providing an interesting and fun experience both On Stage and Off Stage. This system is specially devised to allow the players to play the role of a rock star whose worst enemy is inside their own head: the inspiring Muse, every artist’s source of Inspiration, is also what will try to lead you down the abyss of self-destruction.

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