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Creating new worlds 🌎 .
Populating them with amazing creatures 🐉
and daring characters ⚔️
That’s what I love most. ❤️

A quick tour of many worlds

Here’s a brief display of some of the countless worlds I created. Each one with its unique setting, unique mood, unique stories.

Let me shape your world.

Are you a company looking forward to creating a video game based on your franchise? Are you a game publisher wishing to create a new, addicting board game or roleplaying game? Are you even more ambitious, wishing to create a whole multimedia world where novels, games, and movies are addictively intertwined?

Looking forward to hearing from you! I can’t wait to transform your awesome ideas into a stunning reality!

Let’s do it together!

Are you a fellow writer or game designer? Do you have an idea you’d like to expand into a full-fledged world? Do you have a world but you need interesting characters? Are you starting to create a world but you lost your inspiration? Your world doesn’t convince you but you cannot tell what’s wrong with it?
Have no fear! Together we can make wonders with my…

Combined Worldbuilding.

For only $40 per hour, I will provide full help with your big-picture ideas. Together, we will develop your world, whether it’s meant for a game, a novel, stream, or other creative work.
Rates are approximate and negotiable, dependent on the nature, scope, and timeline of the project.

Make a donation via Paypal and we can start right away!

Your Donation
  • 40.00

Do you have questions? Do not hesitate…